Make Check-in a game of chance

Check-in to Win is the gateway to your game center experience that will keep them coming back for more interactions. Check-In is the first step for fans to access your library of interactive games. Clients can add multiple venues each with a unique Check-in promotion.

The game show announcer can deliver prizes right to the winning seats to promote awareness and build upon a game show experience.


Enter from the team app.

Or enter from social media, or even snapping a QR code.


The audience can now check-in the venue, section, row, seat or other defined locations.


Audiences can now play any game in the interactive game arcade index. Producers can select winners in the portal to reward fan participation.

Client examples

Our clients are getting creative with the Check-In to Win digital asset. Here are three fabulous examples of how teams use the space to drive sponsorship inventory to new heights.