Trivia possibilities

Fannex’s Trivia is an engaging experience for fans that can be played as a synchronized or non-synchronized activation. In a synced game, audience results are updated on in-venue video screens in real-time.

Fannex’s Trivia is a fan favorite.

  • Fans can play at their own speed, or the producer can set a time limit for each question.

  • Trivia is perfect for testing the fans’ knowledge about a topic.

  • Award fans that answer correctly using points as the measure.

  • Offer fans coupons or prizes for participation using sponsorship products or services. 

Arcade-style interactive index. Shows Live and Coming up games.

Active game screen showing a mobile header image (can now be a video clip), question text, and answer/image(s) controller as potential right answers.

A question text with the wrong answer being selected in a reveal screen. Each right answer has points associated to the activity.