Make Check-in a game of chance
Check-in to Win is the gateway to your game center experience that will keep them coming back for more interactions. Check-In is the first step for fans to access your library of interactive games. Clients can add multiple venues each with a unique Check-in promotion.

The game show announcer can deliver prizes right to the winning seats to promote awareness and build upon a game show experience.


Fannex’s Trivia is an engaging experience for fans that can be played as a synchronized or non-synchronized activation. In a synced game, audience results are updated on in-venue video screens in real-time.

Fannex’s Trivia is a fan favorite.

  • Fans can play at their own speed, or the producer can set a time limit for each question.

  • Trivia is perfect for testing the fans’ knowledge about a topic.

  • Award fans that answer correctly using points as the measure.

  • Offer fans coupons or prizes for participation using sponsorship products or services.

A Game of Prediction

Fans answer a series of predictive questions about the event for a chance to win. The Producer can lock-in correct outcomes as they occur. Fans to check back and see how they did. Best practices include event prizing and exclusive season-long grand prizes to keep fans coming back. This type of activation can have a 50/50 chance of being correct in over/under or any number of response options you choose. Games of prediction deep the fan engaged in the outcome because they have skin in the game.